Rabbit toys - Ideas for fun and games

Your rabbit has a very active mind and can get bored very easily. The best way to keep them entertained and stop them from being destructive is to supply them not only with a companion but with toys as well. Here are some ideas:

  • old cardboard boxes - hay packed toilet rolls
  • willow sticks /branches
  • stuffed animals
  • hard plastic baby toys like keys and rattles that can be tossed around
  • old bunch of keys
  • untreated sea grass doormats
  • little plastic trucks about 10cm higher or bigger
  • a use for those unmatched socks, leave empty or fill with hay
  • paper bags, large ones
  • cat toys
  • dried out pinecones
  • jungle gym type kids toys, they like to investigate high places, make sure they are sturdy
  • empty yogurt containers, one inside the other with a treat in the middle
  • untreated branches from apple and lemon trees
  • hanging parrot toys or solid baby mobiles in their hutches
  • wooden or basket tunnels to run through and hide in
  • upturned large plant pots
  • clay pipes to run through
  • treats in a large box of shredded newspaper
  • treats in a hollow treat ball
  • rabbit piñatas! Make from cardboard skeleton with non inked paper layered over using flour /water glue. Make hollow and stuff with hay and a tablespoon of dried fruit (this is a treat and your rabbit should not be over fed!!)