Why We Have a Senior Pet Program

Seven may not sound like old age, but it puts dogs and cats at age 49 in human years! Every dog and cat we see deserves the best quality of life for the longest time possible.

With your pets maturity comes a variety of age-related diseases, so it's best to start monitoring their health through our Senior Pet Program from about age seven, depending on breed and prior health problems. Our Senior Cat and Dog Program aims to see your loved companion every six months - roughly every three-and-a-half dog or cat years.

At the Senior Check-Up, we aim to provide you with a wellness overview, a hands-on physical exam, diagnostic test and, in some cases, faecal examinations.

A wellness overview will give you a chance to bring up any physical or behavioural changes you may have noticed. Things to look out for include changes in appetite, mobility issues, persistent coughing, weight loss or gain and the appearance of lumps and bumps, just to name a few. The veterinarian will also recommend how you can best look after your senior dog or cat, including dietary advice and information on premium pet foods which are specially formulated for seniors and their age-related problems. During the hands-on physical exam, your vet will feel your pet for any abnormalities as well as listen to his/her heart and lungs and finally the vet will check your pet's ears, eyes and mouth for any age-related issues.

We also offer senior testing of urine and blood pressure to pick up any changes that may be starting to occur quietly in the background, as some diseases progress slowly. For example, with kidney disease your pet will only start to show symptoms of being unwell after already losing about 75 per cent of their kidney function. Picking up these changes early means we can not only slow the progression but in some cases reverse it.

As an owner, there are things you can do from home to help your senior pet enjoy their retirement such as ensuring they have a comfortable bed in a protected area.

We understand that you want your senior pet to be with you for as long as possible with the best quality care you can provide, and that's why we recommend the Senior Pet Program - for a long, happy and healthy life!