We Care worldwide

Have you heard the exciting news? In February 2020, nurse Rachel will be jetting off to Sri Lanka for five weeks to volunteer with sick animals. Rach will be doing this volunteering through a group called We Care. Whilst there her main role will be caring for and treating street dogs but she will also see a wide variety of different animals through the vet clinic.

To help spread the word about We Care, as well as help raise funds for the awesome foundation, we will be setting up a donation box in the clinic.

About We Care:

“We Care Worldwide is a UK-registered charity set up in 2014 by Newcastle vet, Janey Lowes. The aim is to provide free veterinary care to less fortunate animals around the world – starting with the estimated one to three million street dogs in Sri Lanka. Despite limited food resources, most of these dogs live quite happily on the streets, being fed scraps of food by local guardians. The problem lies when they get sick – that’s where we come in. We also offer free neutering and vaccination to all dogs – both street and owned, as well as doing our best educating locals about responsible dog ownership. This helps curb population growth, and the spread of disease.”

Check out their website and instagram page to see the amazing work that they do.