The Dangers in Grass

Throughout Summer we find ourselves outside enjoying some sun with our pets - but there are a few things we need to be weary about. Grass seeds are a real tricky one. They are very small but can do a lot of damage. They can cause nasty abscesses and become very painful for our pets. They bury their way into their skin and can sometime go quite deep. Most commonly we will find them in their paws, armpits and ears. Unfortunately, sometimes this can result in sedation to remove these nasty seeds - so ideally, we want to avoid this if possible!

It is really important after walks and taking your pets through grass to do a full body check to see if they have any grass seeds stuck on them. A haircut over summer is also a really good idea to make it easy for you to spot them and less hair for the seeds to get caught on. Brushing once daily is also recommended. Stay on top of this as much as possible to avoid extra trips to the vet.

Read more about Grass Seeds. Happy New Year everyone!