Rizzo finally has a new home

Rizzo AKA Grand Duchess Anastasia Rizzo

This month we have some great news! Some of you may remember a gorgeous black and white DMH cat that we have had around the clinic in the last month or so....we are pleased to announce her adoption! 

Rizzo has been scooped up by a regular client of ours, so we are glad to know that we will continue to see her as she grows and settles into her new home. Not only was she granted a furever home, but Rizzo has been given a new name - Grand Duchess Anastasia Rizzo, to be exact!

Rizzo's (AKA Anastasia) new family consist of Maggie, Charles and Breana and they find her a "gorgeous and a wonderfully playful addition to their family!"

Their existing cat Jasper has taken a few days to adjust to his new housemate, but Anastasia and Jasper look set to be the best of buddies soon. They are both relaxing and warming to each other and are sharing the couch, beds and scratching post.

We are so pleased Anastasia landed on all four paws and we look forward to hearing more updates about her new life!