Plants dangerous to your pets

As our garden begins to bloom in Spring, there are some plants that can affect your pet’s health. Many of these popular plants are actually toxic to your pets. These include:  

  • String of pearls (Cats and dogs) 
  • Birds of Paradise (Cats and Dogs) 
  • Aloe Vera plants (Cats and Dogs) 
  • Lilies (Cats) - Very toxic! 
  • Wandering Jew (Cats and Dogs)  

The list of poisonous plants is quite lengthy, so it's worthwhile checking online to make sure what you are growing is not on that list. All these poisonous plants can cause many different effects such as vomiting, diarrhoea, dermatitis, lethargy and lots more. Make sure you have your vet clinic and an emergency (out of hours) vet clinic phone number located somewhere obvious in your house. If your pet does eat something toxic, then anyone in the family will know who to call.