Nurses on holiday!

Whilst we had a very busy Easter in clinic, some of our nurses were lucky enough to jet off overseas over the break. 

While travelling in Sri Lanka, Nurse Rachel was able to tick off an incredible experience from her bucket list - seeing Blue Whales! (We are not jealous at all…) She also went on a safari tour and saw some amazing animals including elephants, water buffalos, crocodiles and monkeys. Of course, her favourite part of the trip was meeting all the friendly street dogs. Rachel couldn’t help but share some of her dinner with them, leaving some very spoilt and happy puppies!

Nurse Belinda was also lucky enough to jet off to Thailand and Bali. During her trip, she visited an elephant sanctuary filled with rescued elephants, having the amazing opportunity to get up close and meet some of these beautiful creatures. Her favourite part of the trip was seeing a pod of 200 dolphins while on a boat trip, lucky girl!

Here are some photos of the girl’s trips: