Meet Patient of the Month - Nero

Say hello to Nero our patient of the month! Nero is a huge 52kg Briard that we have the pleasure of seeing at the clinic. It is so lovely to see how much he adores his mum. Unfortunately, last year a cancerous tumour was discovered on Nero’s toe and it had to be amputated. Then sadly, early this year another tumour was found on another one of Nero’s toes, and this toe also had to be amputated. 

Throughout this whole ordeal Nero has been the most stoic patient we have seen! In his recovery after surgery he did not make a peep, he quietly lied down and remained still for the nurses. For both of these surgeries Nero has faced, he had to come into clinic and have his bandage changed every three days. Every time he was taken out to the treatment room to have this changed, he would lie down and remain still the whole time, not once ever making a fuss.  

Nero is so lucky to have a mum that loves and cares for him so much!