Guess The Breed

Dr Elise Barry adopted a young male mixed breed dog (now called Rumpold) from a shelter. To find out a bit more about his background, Elise sent off a sample of DNA and we are holding a competition to see if people can guess what breed he is - winners will receive a free DNA test for their dog! (Competition has now closed.)

Elise decided to do a DNA test on Rumpold as it will be beneficial for her to have an idea about what his adult weight and size will be; this way she can tailor a diet plan as well as better understand his behaviours and interests. Not to mention it will give Elise some knowledge of potential health conditions or diseases he could be prone to.

Can you guess what breed Rumpold is? Here is a bit of information about him to help you on your way:

Rumpold is around 10 months of age and is mostly a medium-to-large breed dog. He currently weighs 23 kilos and has a thick black coat with a small white stripe on his chest and a few white toes.

Rumpold is full of beans and has a passion for running around, especially outdoors. He loves chewing things and chasing a tennis ball, but hasn’t quite got the hang of bringing it back yet! He is a quiet boy unless there are other dogs around that he can bark with.

Valued at $116, the Advance mixed breed identification DNA test sample is sent to America and can take up to a month for results. All we ask is you drop into the clinic and fill out a ‘Guess My Breed’ form - there are four breeds you have to pick from!

This competition has now closed. Find out what dog breed is Rumpold here!