Fun things to do with your pet over the Christmas Holidays

The summer holidays are a very busy time for most of us - as well as being quite hot. Here are some fun things to do with your pets over the summer.

Freeze treats

Whether it is for your dog or you cat, try putting some treats in ice cube trays and freeze them. This will help our furry friends stay cool as well as being very entertaining! 

Take them to the beach (for dogs - unless you have a very brave cat)

The beach is a great activity for the whole family. Watch and enjoy as they bound through the water. Even if your pet is a little unsure about the water, they will still enjoy lots of new smells and maybe even a seaweed snack! 

Plant some Cat Nip/ Cat Grass

Cat Nip/Cat Grass is a plant that most cats go absolutely crazy for! A great fun idea to increase environmental enrichment - especially for an indoor cat to have a little grass garden to play in. Often, they will eat this as it can help them get rid of unwanted hairballs in their stomach. It is available at many stores including Bunnings. 

Have a picnic

Whether it is just sitting with your pet in the in your own garden or taking them to a pet friendly park. This is a great activity for anyone. Maybe invite some friends and their pets as well. (Remember to make sure you take pet friendly treats that are safe for pets.)

Take a fun family Christmas photo (maybe involving a pet costume…) 

Most of these activities are free to do, so make sure you give something a try. It is great to provide our pets enrichment and develop our bond with them even further!