DNA Results

The recent competition to identify Rumpold's breed(s) has come to a close.  We had quite a few candidates who picked a couple of his breeds, however there was no-one who got them all!  With so many people coming close we had to resort to a draw and Andrew McCourt with his two dogs Nandi and Willow (both mixed breeds) were the lucky winners!

The Advance DNA test was found to be very useful in revealing Rumpold's ancestry, as well as justifying many of his traits. The first quarter of Rumpold's make-up was revealed as Labrador, which he does closely resemble particularly around the face.  This explains his friendly and approachable demeanour as well as his penchant for food.  It was also helpful to know what size he would be once he stopped growing.

The next breed to be identified was a quarter Basenji (which is an African Herding Dog.) These dogs do not bark but prefer to yodel much like Rumpold in the morning! Although he also has a great booming bark.

Rumpold's next quarter was revealed as Kelpie, which explains his obsession with chasing a ball and his never-ending boundless energy! Finally, his last quarter was 'mixed-breed' with predominately Australian Koolie. Having so many herding breeds in him does account for his willingness to learn and propensity for sporting activities, although he at times does like to try to round us up too!

DNA tests can be a great way to find out your dog's ancestry, justify their behaviour, identify their potential size (particularly helpful for growing pups and to know what to feed them) as well as unmask any potential breed-related diseases.

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