Welcome home Louis

Meet Louis, a 6 month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel who last month went on the adventure of a lifetime. Louis is a regular here at Carlton Vet Surgery who stops by most days on his walks for cuddles and treats from the nurses. On one of his walks his Mum needed to pop into a local shop to pick up a few things. As most shops don’t allow pets inside, Louis waited at the front door anxious for his mum's return. When Louis' mum stepped out of the store she was shocked to find only a lead where Louis had been waiting.  Someone had unclipped Louis from his lead, picked him up and walked away.

From left - Louis with his mum Danielle and sister Mia

Danielle his owner, like any of us was devastated. She instantly posted flyers around the neighbourhood of his beautiful face, hoping that someone would recognise him and come forward. Danielle contacted all the veterinary clinics in the area and Central Animal Records alerting them of the situation. Over a month had passed since Louis had gone missing and Danielle determined to find her boy contacted the newspapers and managed to get a story written about his disappearance. As luck would have it someone phoned in believing that they possibly had Louis. This new owner had purchased Louis off someone else and at the time had not suspected anything unusual about where the puppy had come from. After scanning his microchip the police were able to confirm that this puppy was Louis!

If only Louis could talk and tell us everything that happened, but for now his owner Danielle is over the moon to have him home where he belongs with her and his little sister Mia.