Valerie's encounter with a toxic bleach bottle

Valerie the Boxer puppy was home alone all day when her owners came home to find that she had chewed through a bottle of bleach! The bleach was all over the floor and it was not known if Valerie had swallowed any of the dangerous liquid.

Aware of the poisonous affect it could have on Valerie, her owners immediately brought her to the clinic to be assessed.  At this stage Valerie hadn't shown any signs of ingestion of the bleach but to be on the safe side, as the bleach can cause ulcers, Valerie was given some medications to coat the stomach.

Luckily for Valerie she recovered really well and here she is enjoying a pig's ear at Carlton's Barks in the Park.

If you suspect your pet has ingested a toxic household chemical or plant, seek veterinary help as soon as possible. The sooner your pet is assessed, the better chance your pet will recover from the ordeal. 

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