Tough as nails - Fluffy's story

Hi there, my name is Fluffy. Yes, I am a boy but don't be fooled by my name. I'm as tough as they come! My story began at the end of January when my owners went away. I was found by the neighbours with wounds on my leg and they think it might have been a dog attack. I was taken to the nearest veterinarian who tended my wounds.

Once my wounds had healed, I was still very sore in my left hind leg. My owners are very perceptive and picked up on my discomfort and took me to Carlton Veterinary Surgery to be checked out. The veterinarian suspected there was something wrong in my hip and after some radiographs, it was confirmed my left hip was dislocated. Actually it had been dislocated for 6 weeks! Because it had been so long, the veterinarian couldn't put my hip back in its socket.

I was scheduled for surgery a few days later to have my hip put back into place. Apparently I was a very good patient and the surgery was a success. I don't remember any of it but the nurses made such a fuss and commented on how good I was and my leg feels much better. I expressed my appreciation the only way I know how so humans can understand, I purred as loud as I could which delighted the nursing team immensely.