Tilly's endodontics treatment


When we go to the dentist, our teeth are often repaired (if possible) instead of being taken out so why shouldn’t our pets have the same options? Now, in some cases, they can. Endodontics refers to the inside of the tooth (endo – inside, dontics – tooth).  This specialist treatment could be in the form of root canal therapy or capping of the tooth, just to name a few treatments.

Tilly came to us for a dental procedure and it was noticed that her incisors were rubbing against her canines causing her canines to wear thin on the inside. If left untreated this could cause a lot of pain and the canines may have to be removed, which could cause the lower jaw (mandible) to become unstable. After removing the problem causing the incisors, Dr Tom used his knowledge of endodontics to repair and save Tilly’s canines.

Before the dental work
After Dr Tom repaired and cleaned Tilly's canines


Tilly can now show off her dazzling smile!

If you think that your pet may benefit from Dr Tom’s endodontics, please do not hesitate to ask us for more information.