Tilly - where have you been?

Imagine getting a phone call from The Lost Dogs Home informing you that your dog that has been missing for the last 1 and a half years has been found! This is what has just happened to me. My name is Jade, for those of you that haven't met me I'm a Veterinary Nurse here at Carlton. This is the story of my lost and found dog, Tilly.

"Tilly was a stray dog who I adopted at 9 weeks old. In September 2012, when Tilly was about 1 year old she disappeared. I was devastated. Tilly was microchipped so the first thing I did was call the microchip company to make sure that my details were up to date.  I put a note on her file that she was missing so if anyone took her to be scanned, then they would know where she belonged.

I called The Lost Dogs Home, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, and all the local vets, councils and pounds. I door knocked my local area and put up signs everywhere. No one had seen her.

For the following months I was a regular at the dog shelters just to look myself to make sure that they hadn’t missed Tilly's microchip. No luck. I started to think that I would never see my little girl again. 

In January 2014, I checked my phone messages to hear one from The Lost Dogs Home. They had Tilly. I listened to the message again to make sure and off I went to collect my girl. She had been found safe and well a few suburbs away from where she went missing.

I was so worried that Tilly wouldn’t remember me but she did. They told me that she was a little scared in the back of the cage where they had her but as soon as I walked up she ran to the front and tried to jump up and lick me. So now we are off to have her checked over. She is home thanks to her microchip."