The big catch - Zoe and her fish hook

Zoe was on a walk with her owner early in the morning and noticed she had swallowed some fishing line. Zoe's owner was not sure if it had a hook on the end as it was dark. She rushed Zoe down to Carlton Vet Clinic where she was examined by Dr Louise.

There was a long length of fishing line hanging out of her mouth with a swivel attached to the end. Dr Louise was unable to examine Zoe's mouth or pull on the line, as Zoe seemed distressed but showing no sign of any pain.

Zoe was admitted to hospital for a general anaesthetic to examine her throat and x-ray her neck and chest. Because a fish hook is metal, it will show up on an xray. If a fish hook is present, it will make Zoe's surgery more complicated as the hook can catch on the lining of the oesophagus.

Once anaesthetised, Dr Louise was able to see the line passing over the soft palate and down the oesophagus. She was unable to pull it out. A chest x-ray, showed that there was a large fish hook stuck in the oesophagus close to the heart.

Specialist surgery and equipment was required to remove the hook from Zoe so she was referred to the Animal Accident and Emergency centre in Essendon for treatment and intensive care and monitoring post operatively. The specialist vet was able to push the fish hook using an endoscope into Zoe's stomach and was able to remove it via abdominal surgery.

Zoe came back to Carlton Vet Clinic for a post operative check and she was doing very well, bouncing around and eating, drinking and behaving normally.

Next time, we hope Zoe will not take the bait!