Ted's pearly white smile

Ted visited our clinic in August for a vaccination and general health check. August was "Dental Month" for our four-legged friends, therefore there was an emphasis on dental prophylaxis and dental homecare.

Ted was given a thorough examination and his teeth were checked for tartar and plaque and any other signs of dental disease. Ted's teeth were classed as Grade 2 which means he would require a dental prophy (clean and polish). Grade 2 dental disease is when there is a small degree of staining on the teeth and some teeth may have significant inflammation and redness of the gums (gingivitis). In addition, the gums can start to recede slightly from the teeth, loosening the periodontal ligament.

Ted was booked in for his procedure later that week. Ted's teeth were more thoroughly examined once he was under anaesthesia. The teeth were measured and scored individually and recorded on a dental chart. The teeth were then scaled using an ultrasonic scaler and were finished off by a hand scale to ensure all of the tartar had been removed below the gum line. There were no extractions made (his teeth were in good condition) once the tartar had been removed. 

To finish, Ted's teeth were polished with mint flavoured toothpaste to give him back his pearly white smile!

Check out our website for step by step instructions on how to examine your pet's teeth and gums and how to maintain healthy gums.