Tashi's inflamed paw

Tashi the Beagle x Kelpie

Tashi is a rambunctious Beagle x Kelpie who came to us in January for her seniors check up and also because her owner Karen had noticed recently that Tashi had been holding her right front paw and licking it a lot. 

After an examination, Dr Elise determined that Tashi had an inflamed nail bed and prescribed Tashi a daily saline bath with a course of pain relief and antibiotics as well as a cone of shame - which she certainly wasn’t happy about!

Unfortunately Tashi's paw did not improve with her current course of treatment so she was booked in for x-rays to be taken under general anaesthetic to see if the issue could be discovered.

The nail was removed and sent off for further diagnostics. Tashi was bandaged up and returned to her cone of shame so her foot could heal.

Tashi became a regular at Carlton Vet, coming in for post-operative checks and bandage changes to ensure her foot was healing and the site was kept clean and dry. 

Tashi was very good about the whole process, except for two occasions when she decided she had enough of her bandage and took it clean off! We rebandaged her and sent her off on her merry way to continue healing.

The biopsy came back with good results - a bad case of chronic dermatitis was to blame and with continuation of her antibiotics and cone of shame, Tashi's paw would heal in no time. 

Tashi is now free of her cone of shame and her bandage time is over and done with. She is happy to run around in complete freedom as she used to. We will miss seeing her around the clinic so often.