Tamara battles anorexia

Tamara, the gorgeous domestic short hair cat, was rescued through Victorian Dog Rescue. A couple of months ago her foster carer had noticed she had lost some weight and was off her food. When brought into the clinic it was clear something was wrong. Her coat condition was poor and she was dehydrated.

Tamara was admitted to the hospital and a full check up including blood tests was performed. The results revealed that severe anemia had caused liver damage. Liver damage caused her anorexia which only damaged her liver further. Once cats develop anorexic behavior it can be very difficult for them to regain their appetite.

Since Tamara's initial complaints seemed to have passed, our biggest issue was now getting her body condition score back up and getting her eating again. It was decided a feeding tube would be placed in through the oesophagus and into her stomach. A strict diet plan was put in place and over time her appetite returned and she began to put on weight. Once it was sure her appetite could be maintained naturally the feeding tube was removed. During and after this time extensive nursing care was required and Tamara stayed with Nurse Natalie. We are pleased to say Tamara has made a full recovery and has just this week found her new home. A big thank you to Nurse Natalie for going above and beyond to care for this gorgeous little girl and for finding her a home with her loving new owners.