Sparrow 'blocked'

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Sparrow the 3 year old domestic short hair who visited us with a rather personal problem.  Sparrow was 'blocked' and unable to urinate when his owner brought him into the clinic. In the consultation room Sparrow was very uncomfortable and was trying to pee. His owners first noticed something was wrong when he wasn't eating and hadn't used his litter tray.

Cats can become blocked when crystals develop in the bladder that are too big to be passed through the urethra. When this happens it is life threatening and requires immediate treatment. This is the result of feline urinary tract disease (FLUTD). It is more commonly seen in overweight male cats, but can happen to any cat. The exact cause of this disease is unknown but stress, weight and diet are usually factors.

Sparrow went under a general anaesthetic to remove the blockage and to empty his bladder. A temporary urinary catheter was then placed to allow the inflammation to reduce over the next 24 hours. Sparrow stayed overnight on intravenous fluids to flush the body of any toxins that may have built up during the blockage.

Sparrow went home the following day after making a full recovery. Because it is likely that this could happen again Sparrow is now fed a prescription diet that helps prevent crystals from building up in the bladder. He thinks they taste delicious and is more than happy with his new dinner.