Solomon the Wired Hair Jack Russell

This is little Solomon Rosenbloom, a Wired Hair, Jack Russell Terrier. Find out Solomon's most favourite past-times, naughtiest deeds and more in our Barks in the Park profile.

PET’S NAME: “Solomon” Rosenbloom

BREED: Wired Hair Jack Russell Terrier

AGE: 6.5 years old

SEX: Male

COLOUR: Tan/White


FAVOURITE PASTIME: Chasing tennis balls

FAVOURITE OUTING: Going to the beach

PET HATE: Crows living in his backyard!

NAUGHTIEST DEED: Not giving back the tennis ball after catching

KNOWN ACCOMPLICES: Cousins, family dogs “Gonzo” & “Bobby” from the park

FASTEST MEAL CONSUMED: Rubbish scraps from the park