Show 'em your pearly whites Otto!

Meet Otto, a gorgeous male domestic short hair. Otto had a mysterious start to life. He was rescued by the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne and then adopted by his new owners. Otto's caring and observant owners noticed that he had some staining on his teeth so booked an appointment at our clinic for a dental.

Otto's teeth were classed as a Grade 1, which meant that he would require a clean and polish. Grade 1 dental disease is when mild gingivitis and plaque are present. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums, and often includes redness, swelling, bleeding, exudation, and sometimes pain. Plaque is the accumulation of bacteria on teeth.

Otto's teeth were more thoroughly examined once he was under anaesthesia. The teeth were measured and scored individually, and recorded on a dental chart. The teeth were then scaled using an ultrasonic scaler and were finished off by a hand scale to ensure all of the plaque had been removed below the gum line.

To finish it off, Otto's teeth were polished with mint flavoured toothpaste to give him back his pearly white smile!

If you are concerned about your pet's teeth and gums, bring them in to our clinic and our healthcare team will conduct a free dental check up. Just contact us to make an appointment for a dental check up.