Senior Citizen “Oscar”

Oscar is 14 year old cat and was born in the USA in Toledo, Ohio. He and his brother Gerald came to Australia in January 2002 (and spent 30 days in quarantine in Spotswood), and ever since he meows with an Aussie accent. He's always been an indoor cat, and is even afraid of a mouse that visited us last week!

Oscar is a member of our Senior Program. Since being on the program, Oscar has maintained a stable blood pressure measurement and his "urine specific gravity" has decreased. Specific gravity is an important measure of how well the urine is being concentrated by the cat's kidneys, and therefore, how well the kidneys are actually functioning as filters. The normal range for specific gravity is between 1.015 and 1.060, but only concentrations higher than about 1.030 can be considered solid evidence of normal kidney function.

The aim of our Seniors Program is to regularly monitor some of the parameters that may alert us to the development of potentially life-threatening diseases. This allows us to manage these diseases before they cause any harm. Once cats reach seven years, they become more susceptible to a variety of "old age" diseases such as kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. All cats need to be examined every six months once they are over seven years old - this roughly equates to you having a health check at your doctor every 2.5 years after turning 60. One of these examinations will be performed at your pet's annual vaccination, the other six months later. At each examination we perform a thorough clinical examination. In addition, we monitor your cat's weight, collect a small urine sample to monitor kidney function and measure blood pressure. These are inexpensive and non-invasive tests that provide us with valuable information about your cat's health. If there are any abnormalities on these tests we may advise further tests (such as Blood Profiles) or specific treatments.

Information collected during a seniors visit is recorded on your cats own "Senior Health Program Card", so it is evident early if any subtle changes arise. You may keep this card and bring it to each visit or we can store it for you here. The overall aim is to make the life of your cat as healthy and as long as possible.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to book a Senior Health Examination - please call us here at the clinic on 93471988.

If you want to learn all about Oscar and his brother Gerald (who passed away two years ago), you can visit Oscar's blog at