Schatzie's painless desexing operation

Hi everybody! My name is Schatzie and I am a Miniature long haired Dachshund. I had my spay surgery in April at Carlton Veterinary Clinic. I'm a sweet little girl and my owner wanted me to live a long and healthy life, which was why I had my surgery.

You see, in female dogs, spaying automatically stops our cycles, the associated bleeding and not to mention the attention from other male dogs. There are also significant medical reasons for spaying. The veterinarian told my owner that if spaying is performed before two years of age, it reduces the risk of mammary tumours (which are very invasive). Tumours of the ovaries, uterus and cervix, and pyometra (a gross infection of the uterus) can be prevented. So being 10 months of age, my caring owner booked me into Carlton Veterinary Clinic for the operation.

I didn't feel a thing during the surgery and I was given pain relief so I wouldn't feel anything. My wound was tiny too. It was only a centimetre in length. I barely know it is there! The very next day after the surgery I was right as rain, nobody would ever have guessed I had surgery just the day before!