Sarah needs a new home

Our Patient of the Month for January is our adoption cat, Sarah. Sarah came to us as part of our adoption program with The Lost Dogs Home in late November and we have been trying to find her a forever home ever since. 

Sarah is such a wonderful girl who had a hard start in life; she was once adopted out to a family who already had a cat, and they did not enjoy each other's company and so she was returned to the shelter.

Since being in the clinic, Sarah has had some exposure to cats and dogs as they have come in and out which has definitely improved her confidence.

We believe Sarah should go to a home where she is the only pet so she can get all the time, love and care that she needs to really become the shining star we know she is.

Sarah enjoys playing and chasing balls, as well as chin scratches and dribbling which she does when she really gets into a scratching session! She also really loves liver treats! We often have to stop her from stealing them from the consultation room.

Sarah also loves to laze around on her back, feet in the air when she feels comfortable and relaxed. She makes the cutest little chirping noises and is quite the talker when she gets going! 

Sarah is around 3 years old, fully vaccinated, wormed, desexed and vet checked. 

If you know someone who would suit Sarah and vice versa, please let them know. Our wish for her in the New Year is to have a new home that she so deserves.