Rex braves the local park bully

Rex the Kelpie was out walking in the park with his owner when he encountered the park bully. After being bitten severely on the ear by the bully, Rex was rushed into see us.

When Rex pulled away from the other dog his ear was unfortunately still in the other dog's mouth at the time. The ear was torn directly down the middle and was bleeding a lot. Rex's owners applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding before bringing him into see us.

Dr Louise saw Rex and assessed his ear. She also checked to see if Rex was suffering from shock and that he hadn't lost too much blood. Rex seemed otherwise normal on examination. Rex was immediately admitted so his ear could be sutured. He was put under general anaesthetic and had intravenous fluids to help keep his blood pressure up whilst under anaesthetic.

The ear was torn directly down the middle, approximately 3cm in length, leaving the ear in two flaps. Dr Louise cleaned up the wound and sutured the two flaps together using dissolving stitches in case they were difficult to remove once healed. The ear came together well and Rex was given an injection of antibiotic and pain relief.

Rex's recovered from anaesthetic and was discharged on antibiotic tablets and with an Elizabethan collar to wear so he cannot scratch at his ear. Rex came back for his stitches to be removed 2 weeks later and the ear had healed well. Rex is happy that he got his good looks back!