Radar's mysterious overnight adventure

Radar is a lovely tabby that belongs to our Nurse Jessica. One Sunday night Radar sneaked out through the doggy door and didn't return until the next morning! Radar never goes out at night so Jessica had a sleepless night.

Radar the tabby sneaked out at night and came home next morning suffering from trauma

When Radar returned home at 5.30am she was wobbly on her back legs and was unusually quiet. Jessica was very concerned so took her straight to the Emergency Centre at the Essendon Airport. They admitted Radar to take some x-rays and run some blood tests to find out why she was wobbly.

The x-rays showed no fractures or breaks in Radar's hind legs or pelvis which was good news. The blood test didn't show anything significant but her urine sample was very bloody. It was assumed that Radar had suffered some sort of blunt force trauma to her abdomen and hind legs. She remained on intravenous fluids at the emergency centre for the next 24 hours for supportive therapy before Jessica transported her to Carlton Vet where she could look after Radar herself.

We will never know what happened to Radar on her overnight adventure but one thing is for sure, Radar won't be venturing out after dark ever again!