Puppies, puppies and puppies!

The veterinary and nursing teams at Carlton Veterinary Clinic were all in a buzz in February as Roxy was having her puppies. Roxy the 13 month old Staffy was brought into the clinic as her owners were quite worried when they found her groaning in her nest that she had dug in the backyard.

Roxy was admitted into hospital for observations and possibly a caesarian. By noon that day there was still no sign of puppies and the team started to prepare for a caesarian operation but at 1pm Roxy gave birth to her first puppy. Then throughout the day they came one after the other with the total number of 8 healthy puppies!

Roxy was a beautiful and doting mother, caring for each and every one of her puppies. She gave birth to two handsome boys and six beautiful girls. She was a very lucky dog to not have complications during the birthing.