Pearl gets cat bite abscess

One of the common problems we find with cats that are allowed outside is cat bite abscesses. They occur quite often, generally caused by fighting. When one cat bites another it transfers the bacteria from the mouth into the wound. The bacteria can enter through a punctured wound or graze. One of our lovely little patients, Pearl, visited our clinic recently for just this problem. Luckily Pearl has a very attentive and dedicated mum who noticed a swelling on her back and brought her into the clinic as soon as possible.

If left untreated, the likely path of a cat bite abscess is for it to continue to grow before rupturing on its own, causing an open wound with extremely smelly pus leaking out. This then escalates to requiring surgical attention and a clean up under a general anaesthetic. This would mean more cost to the owner and daily wound treatment to ensure the drains are kept clean to allow for drainage. And of course causing more stress to the pet.

If however a cat bite abscess is detected early like with Pearl's case, we are able to treat it medically with antibiotics. Pearl was given the all clear by our vet at her last check up, with the wound having healed very nicely.