Pastry's preventative healthcare

Pastry is as delectable as her name and this month we have nominated her for our Patient of the Month! Pastry is a young, chocolate spoodle who has recently signed up to our Adult Pet Essentials Program (PEP). She has been coming to Carlton Vet since she was a puppy and her owner, Svenja signed her up to our Puppy Pet Essentials Program. She enjoyed the full benefits of this program for the first 12 months of Pastry’s life and so decided it would be in her and Pastry's best interests to continue the program into her adulthood.

We have been lucky enough to be Pastry’s vet since she was a puppy and ensured she was protected with her vaccinations, preventatives (flea and worming treatments and ProHeart SR12 injection) and she was also speyed here at Carlton Vet. After completing her first year on the Puppy PEP, Pastry was kept up to date with all her essential healthcare treatments. We are so happy to know that we get to continue seeing and caring for her (she is so lovely!) for all her routine appointments.

The Adult PEP is much the same as the Puppy and Kitten programs, but was introduced this year to Carlton Vet as we felt that all adult pets should be entitled to the same beneficial program. We recommend the Program as it allows owners to spread the cost of essential and routine/annual vaccinations, heartworm injections or preventative treatment such as flea and worming, over the course of a year with a discount. It also includes extra benefits such as nail trims, hydrobaths and consultations. With 10% discount on food and merchandise purchased at Carlton Vet, it can also help make finances less of a worry.

Once you and your pet are signed up to the program, our nurses will set up reminders about your pet's vaccinations and preventatives so when they are nearly due you will be notified by mail. We know they aren't the easiest things to remember!

One of the good things about the PEP is that you can choose to pay in one instalment or in monthly instalments. For your information, it can take up to 10-15 minutes to set up monthly instalments.

You will find being on the PEP that you can save between $150-$400 a year in vet bills and fees. Find out how much you can save here.

Learn more about our Pet Essentials Program.