Pang Pang has an itch

Pang Pang, the Corgi, paid us a visit last month as his owner had noticed that he seemed to be very itchy. One of the changes his owner noted was that he was constantly rolling on his back and brushing up against walls to scratch himself. Pang Pang's mother also noticed small scab like sores on his stomach and they were quite red and inflammed.

During consultation, cytology was taken and viewed under the microscope, and our veterinarian was able to diagnose that Pang Pang had a mild bacterial infection of the skin.

An antibiotic course was prescribed for the infection as well as medicated shampoo and conditioner, which help to treat the infection topically as well as making Pang Pang more comfortable in the meantime. Keeping your pet comfortable during the treatment is just as important as the treatment itself because if your pet is bothered or in discomfort, they are usually not going to leave the infected area alone which therefore will exacerbate the problem.

It has now been three weeks since Pang Pang's initial consultation and he is showing great improvement. He has finished his course of antibiotics and no longer needs his medicated shampoo but has switched to a gentle, everyday aloe vera and oatmeal based cleanser.

Pang Pang is all ready for bathing suit season now!