Painful corns on Kitty's feet

Kitty is a gorgeous ex-racing greyhound who was adopted into the Ralston family in 2011. Her demeanour alone makes her a perfect candidate for Patient of the Month - she has the most gentle nature.

Being an ex-racing greyhound, Kitty does have a few health issues, but her owners are very diligent with keeping her up to date with her vaccines, preventatives and even dental and arthritic care. Kitty never wants for anything.

Greyhounds make fantastic pets, and if you happen to bump into Kitty, you will surely understand. They love their owners and love to spend time with their family. Kitty is also great with other dogs and seems to have a besotted fascination with cats and kittens.

Kitty comes in to us regularly for dental checks (and the occasional dental procedure under general anaesthetic), and for her sore joints she gets acupuncture (at Sundowne Vet) and has also had some chiropractic intervention in the past as well. 

Over the last year, Kitty has been suffering from painful corns, which are areas of thickened skin that can appear on the soles of the feet and between the toes. Corns can impede with mobility, and in Kitty's case they have made life a little more difficult to get around. 

Due to her size and the way her feet touch the ground when she walks or stands, corns tend to reoccur on Kitty's feet which means regular trips to the clinic to get them lanced off. 

Kitty is such a placid and lovely girl that we are able to lance her corns while under a simple nerve block rather than general anaesthetic. After the procedure, Kitty has to wear special padded booties to help during her recovery and to simply give her poor feet some relief while going out and about. 

If you happen to see a lovely, blue greyhound walking around Carlton sporting some booties, stop and say "Hi!" - Kitty loves a pat.