Our clinic cat Kofi becomes a patient

Our much loved clinic monarch, Kofi, is recovering from having an exploratory surgery, last month. Kofi had been vomiting on and off for the past few months progressing to multiple times a day with no obvious underlying cause. After trialling sensitive diets and further tests including a Full Blood Profile, it was decided that he required an exploratory surgery to determine the cause of the vomiting. We suspected Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

His surgery was successful; multiple biopsies were taken of his gut and bowel. There was nothing visible on exploration. No signs of any neoplasia (formation of tumour). The pathology results received were noted as inflammatory gastritis. Kofi will need to continue on his sensitive stomach diet until the inflammation resolves.

A special thanks to Nurse Natalie for all of her TLC and intensive nursing post surgery. Kofi has been a boarder at Natalie's house since the operation. Kofi will be back at reception greeting visitors in no time!