Otto the dwarf Lop (English Spot Breed) rabbit

Otto is a dwarf Lop, an English Spot Breed, and he is huge! He is about a year old. This picture was taken on his first day with us, when he was rescued from the Keysborough animal shelter, where he had been found wandering as a stray.

Otto's main plan in life is to escape and explore the world. He digs, he climbs, he chews, he scratches at doors, he is fast and loves to throw things around. Otto is a huge jumper! He loves to spring up onto high pieces of furniture and climb as high as he can. He loves to play boisterously and throw things around, jump onto window sills, but most of all he loves cuddles. If Otto was a human, he would be a rock star.

His favourite place to sit is on top of his owner's antique dresser, where he can see the world. He will happily jump up by himself and sit there all day. He also loves to push everything on the dresser onto the floor including makeup, hairbrushes, perfume jars, whatever he can. This can include lamps as well, which he enjoys watching smash. He once managed to knock a trombone onto the floor from the stand it was on. He also loves food. He is very prone to weight gain, and will often jump up and steal slices of pizza, sandwiches, whatever he can.

Everyone who meets Otto adores his spunk and crazy nature, and also the fact he doesn't realise that he is a rabbit, and not a human or a cat.