Olive's double diagnoses

Olive is a 5 and a half year old labradoodle who recently visited us as her owner had noticed she had patches of fur missing from her tail. During her visit we also noticed Olive's right eye was weeping and both her ear canals were inflammed. After a full health examination we began treating Olive for suspected skin disease and she went home with a new diet and medication to help her skin.

During the following few weeks Olive became lethargic and was not herself. A Wellness Blood Profile was required to see if there was any underlying reason for her change of pace.

The blood tests revealed that Olive was suffering from Diabetes Mellitus (high blood sugar )and Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland). After a few more tests and the medication we are happy to report that Olive is a new dog. She takes medication everyday for her thyroid gland and has twice daily injections of insulin which she tolerates really well. In the process, Olive has also lost nearly 5 kilos and is a lot more cheerful. We are all delighted to see Olive happy and active again, and forever wagging her tail!