No more sticks for Tom

Tom is a lovely 5 year old Border Collie who was out at the park and his owner threw him a stick which got stuck in the mud. His owner didn’t see exactly what happened but heard him yelp and he was quiet for the rest of his walk.

Tom’s owner rushed him straight to our clinic. Nurse Stacey assessed him and admitted him to hospital. Dr Louise examined him and found that he was very painful around the throat. Given his history, Dr Louise decided to anaesthetise him to examine his throat. Tom was taken straight to surgery and anaesthetised for examination.

Once under anaesthetic, a large laceration in his soft palate was found, most likely from a stick. Dr Louise examined the back of his throat closely for any pieces of stick left behind but there were none. The area was flushed with sterile saline and the hole was stitched closed using dissolving sutures. This was quite difficult given that the wound was at the back of Tom’s throat and nurse Stacey had to monitor his anaesthetic whilst holding Tom’s mouth wide open.

After his surgery, Tom was given an injection of pain relief and antibiotic. He was discharged that day with strict instructions to only feed him soft food for the next week and also with a course of antibiotics. Tom made a full recovery, his wound has healed and he is now eating normally. Tom now only plays with a frisbee at the park - NO STICKS!!