Missie uses our Pet Drop Off service to solve her ears problem

Missie is a lovely Jack Russell cross who lives in Carlton North. Missie's very attentive owners noticed the other day that she seemed to be shaking her head. After closer inspection it looked like her ears were a bit infected and she would need to see a vet. Missie's parents weren't sure what to do as they both work full time but didn't want to leave Missie feeling uncomfortable and untreated. After looking on our website www.carltonvet.com.au, they noticed we offer the Pet Drop Off consultation service.

The Pet Drop Off service allows owners to download a form at home which is to be filled in thoroughly, then call to arrange a time to drop off your pet with us. We will then examine your pet during the day while you can continue about your day.

Missie's parents thought this was the perfect arrangement and filled in the form before bringing Missie in to see us the next day. After a closer look and examination by our veterinarian, it seemed Missie had a yeast infection in both her ears. A suspension ear solution was prescribed as well as an ear cleaner with a revisit required in two weeks time. Molly's parents were able to pick her up that evening on their way home from work and were happy to have Molly's situation under control and taken care of, even with their busy schedules.