Mimi, starring in Cats in the City

Whenever beautiful Mimi's parents go away there is only one place that is in the cards for Mimi to stay and that’s our Cats in the City cattery. Mimi’s mum adopted her through our kitten adoption program in 2004 and has been an important part of their family ever since.

Mimi is a regular at our cattery and came in to stay with us over Easter while her parents went away.  At first she was a little apprehensive to be left behind but after a day or two of love and attention from our nursing team she settled in nicely. 

Every day Mimi looks forward to her pats and cuddles. She also enjoys lounging in her nice warm igloo and occasionally strolls out to stretch her legs. Mimi can enjoy the company of her own furry toy mouse. No need to search for food or look for a clean litter tray as it’s all done for her. It’s almost like she is on a holiday of her own. 

Our cattery has large secure cages which can be made cater for two cats from the same family. The cattery is temperature controlled with heating and cooling to keep all our felines comfortable during any season of the year. We also use Feliway diffusers throughout our cattery which diffuse a synthetic version of a cats “happy pheromone” to help control anxiety. We feed premium diet like Advance and Hills t/d dry foods, and always have wet food on offer if preferred.

You are also more than welcome to bring in your cat's favourite food for us to feed them or we can supply some. It’s great to know that there are vets on hand if needed as our cattery is located within our veterinary clinic but far away enough from our hospital and patients.

If you would like to find out more about our cattery or would like a tour, please come in and say hi or give us a call. For accommodation types and boarding rates, please visit www.catsinthecity.com.au