Mia quite a handful

This is the story of Mia who is a little white kitten, approximately 4 months old, was brought to the clinic earlier this month with her owner for a lesion on her neck which she had been scratching vigorously for the past week. Mia had a very large ulcerated area of skin on her neck which she refused to leave alone and so had created a secondary bacterial infection - what we call a 'pyoderma'.

Mia had been given to her owner as a present and at the time of her visit we discovered that she wasn't vaccinated or desexed and that little Mia was actually quite a handful. Her owner decided that she could not give Mia the home she needed and surrended her to the practice.

Now it just so happens that Dr Kylie had been looking for a companion for her other cat Archie, so no guessing what happened next?

Four weeks later after a series of vaccinations, desexing, head collars and antibiotics, Mia is a happy, healthy and only slightly naughty but very affectionate kitten. She is now a permanent resident at Dr Kylie's house and although she's still a bit of a handful she is also a very sweet and loveable little cat. She and Archie get along like a house on fire, sleeping together and grooming one another although there is now less space on the bed at night for poor Kylie and her partner Sam!