Megsie fed up to four times a day by tube

Megsie is a 1 year old Ginger Tabby who was hit by a car not far from his owner’s house. Megsie was brought in to us by a neighbour. He was bleeding from the nose and had difficulty breathing so was admitted immediately for treatment and placed on oxygen and intravenous fluids.

Once Megsie was stabilised, it was determined that he had a hole in his hard palate which communicated directly with his nasal cavity. He also had a wound on his chin.

Once x-rays were taken of Megsie’s skull, it was determined that he also had a fractured jaw. X-rays were also taken of the chest and abdomen to rule out any internal injuries. Whilst under anaesthetic, the wound on Megsie’s chin was stitched up and a feeding tube was put in to his oesophagus. This tube is designed to allow feeding of a blended diet directly into his oesophagus and therefore into the stomach and bypassing the mouth which needs to heal. Megsie will need to be fed four times daily, about 75ml of blended food.

After discussion with Megsie’s owners, it was decided that surgery would proceed at Carlton Vet Surgery with our experienced surgeon to try and repair the hole in Megsie’s hard palate and his jaw. The hole in the soft palate was stitched closed and a thick diameter suture was placed around Megsie’s jaw to stabilise it.

After two weeks of healing and feeding Megsie four times daily via his feeding tube, the tube was removed and Megsie is now eating normally and the hole in his soft palate has healed.