Meet Ty - Nurse Melissa's pup

Meet Ty, the adorable Border Collie puppy who belongs to our Nurse Melissa. Melissa has kindly shared with us a couple of naughty stories about her little Ty.

At 3 months old, Ty was at his most destructive during his puppyhood stage. For several weeks, Ty decided it would be fun to redecorate the house while Melissa was at work or at the shops. He started by rounding off the sharp corners on the kitchen counter (he's very safety conscious), and proceeded to help Melissa clean out all her old magazines by systematically jumping over the baby gate which was supposed to keep him in the kitchen area, and retrieving one magazine at a time from the lounge room, jumping back over the gate, out his doggie door and shredding the magazine in the back yard. The mess was visible from four blocks away as Melissa arrived home (she imagined her neighbors had more than a few laughs at her expense that day). This was also how Melissa came to learn that Ty had outgrown his baby-sized gate.

Once the gate had been replaced Ty was limited to redesigning the kitchen while Melissa was at work, but it didn't stop him from pointing out to her a potentially dangerous situation. Apparently the linoleum floor in the kitchen had started to curl-up from one corner near his doggie door and this was all he needed to begin his destruction. In the time Melissa was at work he managed to pull up half of the kitchen floor and dragged it into the back yard. He found this so satisfying that he did the same thing in the hallway a few days later while Melissa was out doing the weekly shopping.

Ty has now out grown his "terrible twos" period in his life, to the much relief of his mummy Nurse Melissa.