Meet Neko

This month we want to introduce you to Neko.

She is a senior pet who comes in regularly for synovan injections. Neko suffers from arthritis in her old age and regular trips to the Vet for synovan injections provide her with comfort and relief from pain. Synovan is an anti-inflammatory injection that also stimulates the growth, repair and protection of cartilage. It is prescribed for pets that have joint disease and arthritis.

Arthritis is a progressive deterioration within the joints and is common in many older pets. Unfortunately there is no cure, but we can provide long-term care that will help your pet be more comfortable in their senior years. This can include Veterinary intervention (synovan injections, pain relief) and measures the client can take at home such as providing ramps instead of stairs or jumps, extra bedding and making sure they are warm on cooler nights. 

Neko's owners are fantastic at making sure Neko is feeling her best. With regular Vet visits and a once yearly senior check, Neko has reached 17 years of age. 

Cats are stoic creatures and will rarely outwardly show signs of pain or illness, this is why we recommend regular check ups. A senior check involves a general health exam and a discussion with our client's about any signs or symptoms they may have noticed in their pet's. This can include changes in behaviour and appetite, toileting issues or inappropriate urination, drinking more as well as gaining or losing weight. 

We also complete a blood pressure check and in some cases Vets also require some blood or urine tests. We sometimes ask clients to bring in urine samples of beforehand. (Read here for more info:

With a clinical exam and discussion with clients, we can do our best to help ensure your senior cat has the best and longest life possible. 

For more information on how best to look after your senior cat, click here:

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