Meet Jenson the Burmese

Dr Louise Andrado recently added a new addition to her family. Jenson, the brown burmese is certainly a handsome young boy!
Find out all about Jenson below.

PET'S NAME: Jenson

BREED: Burmese

AGE: 6 months

SEX: Male


FAVOURITE TOY: Rainbow ball with feather, 'Dangles' cat toy

FAVOURITE PASTIME: Getting up to mischief

FAVOURITE OUTING: Playing in my back yard or visiting my mum's work

PET HATES: Having a pedicure..

NAUGHTIEST DEED: I once chewed the straps on my mum's favourite shoes

KNOWN ACCOMPLICES: "Atticus" another burmese

FASTEST MEAL CONSUMED: Walthams sensitivity control - or any wet food