Meet Bub

This month we have chosen the delightful Bub as our patient of the month!

He came in this month as his owner was concerned about the state of his breath and was also worried that he was seeming to be ‘slowing down’. Our vets performed a general health check, and Bub turned out to be in pretty good condition for his age ­- 16 years!

This Australian Terrier is certainly a fighter,­ after a check of his teeth, it was determined that Bub needed a dental, and soon!

Due to his age, we recommended undertaking a pre-­anaesthetic blood test. This gives us base reading for organ function and lets us know if anaesthesia will be safe for your pet or not. Bub again was in great health, so we had the OK to go ahead. Bub ended up needing to have 14 teeth removed!

Even though Bub was being very brave at home these teeth would have been causing him some discomfort as they decayed in his mouth. He had a full dental, clean, scale and polish and he was so brave afterwards, he took it all in his stride and was happily discharged with some instructions to help his recovery.

At Bub’s post-op check (this allows us to ensure everything is healing as it should and that there are no signs of infection,) his owner Anne informed us that he has been given a new lease on life! She said he was happier, more chipper and raring to go -­ and as a bonus, his breath was much, much improved.

We all know how sore painful teeth can be and Bub’s mouth was in pretty bad shape before we got in there and cleaned it up.

This is why we recommend regular dental checks. Here at Carlton we provide Nurse Dental Checks as well as dental checks with the Vet. Nurse checks are generally quicker and free -­ we just check on the teeth, see what stage they are at, (a grade 0 is very good, and a grade 4 means your pet’s teeth need a dental to remove cavities, rotten teeth and clear out all the bacteria which can, if left, become very nasty and can cause secondary complications.)

If we feel a dental is not needed, we can help you figure out how best to care for your pets teeth at home ­ to help them keep in good condition. That way we can best prevent the progression of dental disease.

For those with elderly pets, we also recommend twice ­yearly health checks where our Vets get really hands on and examine your pet head to toe. We take blood samples to send off to ensure your pets organs are functioning as they should, we check for lumps and bumps and also give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about anything ­from changes in your senior pets behaviour, to eating, drinking and toileting habits and how best to care for your pet at home.

After all, we strive to do what is best for pets, and you, our client.

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