Lucky Ott survives car accident

Ott is our very brave Patient of the Month this month. The feisty West Highland Terrier was hit by a car outside her home earlier in January. 

Ott the West Highland Terrier survives being hit by a car

Her very worried owners rushed Ott to the clinic where she was put on oxygen and assessed. The poor girl had some broken teeth, some scrapes and bruises, and was of course in a lot of pain, but she was very lucky, aside from her teeth, there were no major injuries.

We kept Ott in the clinic for a few hours for observation, with some pain relief and antibiotics and aside from being a little shocked, appeared none the worse for wear - giving kisses, and was happy to accept some cuddles.

Her caring owner, Tess, decided to take Ott to the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency for further observation overnight, where she remained stable and bright. 

A few days later, Ott came back to Carlton Vet for a dental surgery. Her fractured incisors were removed and her upper canines repaired successfully. 

Ott is now recovering well. She is still a little quiet as the ordeal seems to have knocked her confidence somewhat, but she is slowly regaining her sprightliness and energy as she heals. Get well soon, Ott!