Louis lands on his feet

Louis is a 2 year old Lowchen which is a rare canine breed. He was surrended to a local dog rescue society, covered in matts and fleas and very uncomfortable. Lowchens have a long coat and need regular brushing. Louis is also nervous around loud noises but it is hard to say what has caused this. Around the time little Louis was looking for a home and the Kelley family decided that they would like to adopt a dog. After a fluke encounter with one of the dog walkers of the rescue society, they decided to go down and have a look at some of the dogs they had there needing homes.

When the Kellys met Louis they knew he was the new member for their family. Louis is fitting in well and loving life in his new home. Thank you to the Kelly family for giving this precious canine the life he deserves. When looking for your next pet why not take a trip to your local rescue group or The Lost Dogs Home and see if you can also help a dog or cat in need of a loving home.