Kitty the Adopted Greyhound

Have you ever thought about adopting an ex-racing greyhound?

Greyhounds make fantastic pets. Did you know that they are the world’s fastest dog - some can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour! Their sleek and graceful bodies contrast to their gentle natures; they love the company of people and thrive on affection. Kitty, a frequent visitor to the clinic and an adopted ex-racer is no different.

As a racer, she wasn’t cared for fantastically but her new owner who adores Kitty, ensures she has the best maintenance and care - from getting her teeth cleaned (the reason why she was most recently in the clinic), nails clipped and even acupuncture on her arthritic shoulder at Sundowne, Kitty has everything she needs.

Kitty loves staring at the adoption kittens when we have them in the clinic. Although, being a greyhound, she may just be wanting to ‘round them up’! She is great with other dogs, but her specialty is people.

A delight to be around, and very loving, greyhounds aren’t as high-strung as you would expect; they love to lounge around, go for long walks/runs and will become your second shadow, if you’ll allow them. They are an adaptable breed, so can make the transition from ‘racer’ or 'orphan’ to family pet in no time. 

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Alternatively there are many rescue groups and people dedicated to helping ex-racers find a new home - read more here at