Kittens survive without mum

Just before Valentine’s Day we had two tiny 2 week old stray kittens brought in to us without their mother. A stray mother cat and her two very young kittens were found in the yard of a local school but as the teachers were unable to catch the mother, the kittens were brought in to us. These little babies still had their eyes and ears closed and were very much in need of their mother's milk.

The kittens required 24 hour care so we called Robyn's Pet Rescue. A foster carer was found and assigned the huge task of feeding the kittens every two hours. With this love and care both babies thrived and grew quickly. 

Picture our smiles when they were returned back to us fit, healthy, very affectionate and now about 6 weeks of age. The kittens are now being fed solids and using their litter tray, and are almost ready to take on the world! All they need now is to have their desexing procedure which will be done in a few weeks’ time, then they will be ready to find a new family to love.

If you think that one (or both) of these little cuties are perfect for you, why not come by and say hello and have a cuddle. Learn more about our Cat Adoption program here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.