Juno fractures her tooth

Juno is the sweetest 2 year old tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier who presented to the clinic after her owners had noticed that whilst playing with her friend Jack, Juno had yelped. She was a bit quiet for a few minutes afterwards and then returned to normal. Later that night Juno was a bit reluctant to eat and was licking at her top jaw. Juno's owners brought her into the clinic and upon consultation Dr Helen noticed that Juno had broken her tooth!

Juno was fasted overnight and presented the next day for her tooth to be removed. Fractured teeth are best to be removed as after the tooth is fractured, bacteria from the mouth will gain access to the root canal and infect the tooth causing a lot of pain and eventually causing the tooth to die.

Whilst Juno was under general anaesthetic, a local anaesthetic nerve block was performed to the fractured tooth. This means that Juno was able to be maintained on a lighter general anaesthetic and Juno wouldn't feel or respond to any pain whilst the tooth was being removed. A flap was performed and the gingiva pulled across to minimise the extraction site, reducing complications and enabling the best possible healing.

Juno recovered extremely well from her procedure and was given a pain relief and anti-inflamatory injection on the day as well as some pain relief to go home with. We saw Juno for a post operative check after her procedure and she was healing extremely well.

Juno was a pleasure to treat and was extremely sweet and cuddly. She was loving every bit of attention!